Abertis hopes that you will find answers to some of your concerns with the maximum guarantee of compliance with the law. We thus ask that you read the following with due attention:


Identity and ownership of the website.

In compliance with the national and European legislation in force regarding Information Society Services, e-Commerce and Personal Data Protection, we hereby inform you of the following data:

The present website (the “Website”) is property of Abertis, a Spanish company with registered business address at Paseo de la Castellana 89, 9th floor, Madrid, Spain 28046, with tax identification code A-08209769, and registered in the Madrid Mercantile Registry, volume 36,981, Invoice 180, section 8, Page: M-660899. 2nd inscription N.I.F .: A-08209769

Please use the contact form for electronic communications with Abertis.

Abertis uses the Website to channel information to internet users regarding the different activities that it carries out through its group; report on the internal organisation of the company, its mission, vision and values, history and news; provide information regarding its relationship with investors, main performance figures, stock market listing, financial and corporate governance data; tools regarding corporate identity and multimedia; news channels and press releases; channel of providers; ethics channel and access to the company’s publications on social media.


Website visitors will have the condition of user by merely visiting this Website. Continuing navigation after reading this legal notice and conditions of use will be considered express, voluntary acceptance of the present conditions of use without reservation. If you opt not to accept the present conditions, you must refrain from accessing and/or using the content offered by Abertis on the Website.

Intellectual and industrial property. 

The Abertis Website, its pages and the information or elements contained therein, including yet not restricted to its programming, edition, compilation and further elements necessary for its operation, all designs, texts, graphic representations, images, icons, buttons, documents, information, sound and/or image files, Abertis source codes; and any logos, trademarks, commercial names or other distinctive, industrial or other signs that could be employed in industrial and commercial use, in addition to any file or directory on the Abertis server, whether publicly or privately (hereinafter referred to as the “Website Content”, are protected by intellectual or industrial property rights of which Abertis is proprietor or holds a licence or express authorisation for their use and public communication granted by third parties who are the legitimate proprietors thereof for the purpose of the inclusion thereof on the Website.

The information or elements contained in the Abertis website mentioned in this section may not be exploited, reproduced, copied, distributed, modified, published, assigned, transformed, or disclosed in any way whatsoever without the prior express written authorisation of Abertis or the legitimate owners thereof in case of third parties who have expressly authorised Abertis to use and publish the said information or elements.

Abertis authorises users to view the content of the Website and make private copies (simple download and storage on computer systems) so long as the elements serve solely for personal use and not for any business, profit or earning thereon.

The infringement of any of the cited rights may constitute a breach of the present terms and conditions of use, industrial and intellectual property rights, and could also be considered a crime under the Spanish Penal Code.

What are the limits or authorisations when using Website content?

As a user, you undertake to appropriately use the contents and tools accessible through the Website in accordance with the law and the present Conditions of Use, and respect other users thereof at all times. In this regard, you expressly accept to hold Abertis harmless against any liability vis-à-vis any party that could arise from your use of the Website Content that may contravene these Conditions of Use or any pertinent law currently in force.

No authorisation or licence shall be understood to be granted, nor any waiver, transmission, full or partial assignment of the aforementioned rights be made, nor any right or entitlement to any right be conferred without the express prior written consent by Abertis or the legitimate owners thereof.

In case of full or partial failure to fulfil the present Conditions of Use, Abertis reserves the right to deny access to the Website without any need for prior notice.

Users must respect the thematic and dynamic aspects of the Website, making an appropriate use of its content and, in particular, refrain from any action that would modify the Website Content by altering, erasing, damaging or rendering it inaccessible by any medium, or eliminating or modifying any mention or notice regarding the ownership of the intellectual or industrial rights.

The user may be held liable for the damages and injuries of any nature that Abertis might sustain as a result of the user’s failure to fulfil the obligations stipulated in the present Conditions of Use.

From which liabilities is Abertis excluded?

Abertis guarantee neither continuous access nor the correct viewing, downloading or use of the elements and information contained on the pages of the Website, which may be blocked, affected or interrupted by factors or circumstances outside Abertis’s control or influence.

In particular, Abertis accepts no liability for any damages, injuries, losses, claims or expenses caused by:

  • Interferences, interruptions, failures, omissions, delays, blockage or disconnections caused by errors in the telecommunications lines or networks or by any other cause outside the control of Abertis.
  • Unlawful interference or intrusion through the use of malware of any type or any means of communication such as computer viruses or similar.
  • Improper or inappropriate use of the Website.
  • The user’s failure to meet the expectations of the users in relation to the website and/or its services or content.
  • Reception, attainment, storage or dissemination by users of the content, and the unlawful, negligent or fraudulent use thereof, contravening the present conditions, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order.
  • Security or navigation/browsing errors caused by a malfunctioning user browser or versions that have not been updated.
  • Unavailability, errors, access failures and lack of continuity of the information service.
  • Should the user make use of the contact form, the inoperativeness or problems in the e-mail address provided by the user.
  • The inoperativeness or possible problems in the e-mail address provided by the user when signing up for regular notifications or the Website newsletter.

In particular, Abertis will not be held liable for any damages or injuries of any nature caused by yet not restricted to:

– Content, information, opinions and statements that any user or third party may make regarding the content of the Website via social media or other portals linked or referring to the Abertis website.

– The use that users may make of the contents. Abertis will not liable for the information and content stored on, including yet not limited to, forums, chats, blogger pages, comments, social media or any other medium that lets third parties post content independent to the Website. Notwithstanding the foregoing and in compliance with the national and European legislation in force regarding Information Society Services, e-Commerce and Personal Data Protection, Abertis is at the disposal for all users, authorities and security forces as an active collaborator to remove or, where necessary, block all contents that could affect or contravene national or international legislation, third-party or morale rights and the public order. We kindly ask users who detect some content on the Website that could be classified in the aforementioned manner to contact us immediately by post at the address indicated in the legal notice or via the contact form.

–     The engagement of unfair competition and illegal advertising by using the Website Content or the name or reputation of Abertis.

– The possible loss of data by the user for causes not attributable to the security of the Website.

Abertis in such a case cannot assume any liability whatsoever regarding the information, content of any source, products and services offered or provided through the Website by third parties or entities, even when they pertain to the same economic group, and particularly for damages and injuries of any sort that, linked thereto, could occur because of: (i) absence or deficiencies in the information provided to users or in its veracity, accuracy and sufficiency; (ii) absence of full, partial or timely compliance with the contracts or pre-contractual relationships; (iii) failure to fulfil obligations that undermine information society service providers; (iv) infringement of the rights of consumers and users; (v) infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights; (vi) engagement of unfair competition and illegal advertising; (vii) infringement of the right to personal data protection, professional secrecy and honour, personal and family privacy, and personal image; and, in general, (vii) failure to observe any applicable laws, customs or codes of conduct.

Security Policy.

Abertis adheres to the objectives of the Abertis Group Security Policy for protecting information against losses of availability, confidentiality and integrity; safeguarding against unauthorised accesses; and ensuring compliance with legal or regulatory requirements, and contractual requirements regarding security.

Abertis processes and appropriately reports security incidents, establishes controls to ensure compliance with the Security Policy, and conducts effective information security risk management.

Access to this Website implies no obligation for Abertis to check for the absence of viruses or any other harmful computer element. It is the user’s responsibility to have the appropriate tools available for detecting and disinfecting damaging computer software.

Abertis shall not be held liable for any damage to the computer equipment of users or third parties during access to this Website.

External link policy.

This website may contain links to other websites or cite the commercial name of third parties previously authorised to Abertis. These third parties, whose websites may appear as links on the Website are the proprietors responsible for their own websites to which the users may access at their own discretion (hereinafter referred to as “Linked Site” or “Linked Sites”).

Should you opt to visit any third-party website, you acknowledge and accept that you are doing so at your own risk, that you are responsible to take the appropriate measures necessary to protect yourself against viruses and other destructive elements that may arise therefrom, and that you are aware of the applicable conditions of use that could be established at the website in question. You likewise accept to relieve Abertis of any liability for possible infringements on intellectual or industrial property rights held by the Linked Sites, for the technical unavailability of the linked pages, quality, reliability, accuracy and/or truthfulness of the services, information, elements and/or content that you may access as a user.

Abertis does not guarantee, represent, endorse or sponsor any Linked Site, other linked third-party site or link cited on this Website.

Abertis will only accept liability for the content supplied through the Linked Sites to the extent that it has effective knowledge of the criminal or unlawful nature thereof and has not deactivated the link accordingly with the due diligence. We kindly ask users who consider that a Linked Site contains illegal or inappropriate content to contact us immediately by post at the address indicated in the legal notice or via the contact form. Please bear in mind, however, that this communication entails no obligation to remove the corresponding link.

In this regard, it is prohibited to create links to the Abertis Website from third-party websites without the express written authorisation of Abertis.

Personal data protection and cookies.

Abertis complies with the national and European personal data protection legislation in force, and has adopted the technical and organisational measures for safeguarding the personal data that Website users provide to Abertis as a result of visiting this Website for processing under the express consent to do so. For further information regarding the processing of your personal data, please view our Website’s privacy and cookies policies at the following links: Privacy and cookies

Before the user assigns personal data through this Website, Abertis hereby informs you of the operations, purpose of the processing of the user’s data and the communications of data to third parties or, where pertinent, international data transfers; and reminds you that users may at any time withdraw their previously granted consent and exercise the rights provided for under national and European data protection legislation by writing to Abertis at Paseo de la Castellana 89, 9th floor, Madrid, Spain 28046 (Ref. Personal Data), indicating the right in question and attaching a copy of your national ID or appropriate identification document.

Abertis may use cookies (files downloaded by the user’s computer, smartphone or tablet when accessing or navigating this Website for the purpose of storing data that may be updated and recovered by the data controller) to carry out certain functions considered to be essential for the correct operation and viewing of the Website, share content on social media and, yet not limited to, glean information related to the number of pages visited, city of the assigned IP address from which the user is accessing, number of new users, frequency and incidence of visits, visiting time, browser or operator, or terminal type from which the visit is carried out.

The Website will in no case whatsoever obtain personal data from cookies such as the name, surnames or postal address of the connected user, nor use the data for the purposes of advertising, analysis or user profiling.

We advise reading our Cookies policy attentively to understand which cookies will be installed, and which ones are permanent, temporary or session cookies, their main purposes and so that you can opt to uninstall them should you wish to do so.

All rights are reserved to modify these Conditions of Use.

Abertis may modify the present Conditions of Use at any time, and reserves the right to unilaterally edit, add or eliminate any of the present Conditions of Use.

Abertis may make such changes at its own discretion, either because of the structural development, aesthetic appearance of the Website, updated content, technical or organisational changes, or legal causes, without any obligation to notify or alert users thereof. In this regard, merely posting the date of the last version at the end of these Conditions of Use, which the user may download and print, is deemed to suffice.

Abertis may establish limits to certain features and services, or restrict access to certain or all parts of the Website. Abertis will have no obligation to notify users and therefore accept no liability regardless of the cause.

All modifications will become effective for users on this Website after the modification. For this reason, the last version update will be posted at the end of these Conditions of Use, in which regard the changes made will become effective on the posted date. Continuing to use the Website after the posting of any change to the present conditions will be construed as the user’s acceptance thereof.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

Abertis is an entity residing in Spain and thus these legal conditions have been worded by virtue of the pertinent Spanish and European legislation in force.

In case of conflict, discrepancies, claims or complaints arising from or related to the use of the Website shall be subject to the cited legislation notwithstanding the principles governing conflicts in applicable laws, where pertinent.

The users accepts that the claims or complaints lodged against Abertis regarding the operation or use of the Website will be resolved by the competent court in Madrid with express relinquishment of any other forum or jurisdiction that may be applicable. Claims lodged by Abertis will be done either at the competent court in the jurisdiction of the consumer’s address or in Madrid for legal entities or professionals who are not consumers.

When accessing this website from a location outside Spain, you are responsible for observing all applicable local and international laws.

Last publication date: October 2020

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